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£200 Masterclass FREE

Our 55 minute Sales Engineering Masterclass provides actionable insights into what it takes to go from Good to Great as an SE.

This Masterclass normally retails at £200 but is currently being offered for FREE !

SE Excellence LIVE

Are you stuck in your role in Presales, Sales Engineering, Solutions Consulting or Customer Success and you want to change? This course will give you the skills and techniques that you need to get that next promotion and propel your career !



Demo Excellence

Most demo courses talk about how to deliver a demo.  This course will take you through which type of demo you should deliver at each stage of the sales cycle and how you become Excellent at engaging the customer.



Our Services

Building a high growth business

Sales & Presales Advisory Services

Our Sales & Presales Advisory Services  are designed to empower your organisation with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the sales process, especially with SaaS services. We will work closely with your sales and technical teams to provide strategic guidance, best practices, and customised solutions to enhance your growth efforts.

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Presales (SE/SA/SC) Coaching

Our Presales Coaching Services are designed to equip individuals and/or your presales team with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in the art of presales. We understand that the presales process plays a crucial role in building trust, winning deals and driving business growth. With our tailored coaching programs, we aim to enhance the effectiveness and performance of your presales team, ultimately leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

Great leaders build great teams

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching services are designed to empower individuals to unlock their full potential as effective leaders. We believe that great leaders are not born but made through continuous growth, self-awareness, and skill development. We can provide personalised guidance and support as well as group sessions to help you enhance your leadership capabilities, overcome challenges, and drive positive change within your organisation.

“Presales is built on trust and we will help you develop the skills, processes and techniques that you need to build trust and generate customer value.”

Andy Waterhouse


With over 24 years experience working in hyper growth startups and $Bn companies, we can help drive your business growth

Every company is different, and therefore the road to success will be different.  The Presales Coach has worked with companies across the globe to help drive triple-digit growth and build trust and customer value.  The Presales Coach has hired and run teams from 5 to over 200 people around the globe with over 90% engagement scores and less that 5% attrition. Would you like to know how ?

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Whether you’re curious about advisory services or coaching we’re here to answer any questions.

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