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About The Presales Coach

Andy Waterhouse has over 24 years experience of working in Presales and over 30 years in the IT industry.

As a Global VP of Presales he has hired and managed teams across the globe for large and small organisations.

He has helped to drive hyper-growth SaaS businesses as well as startups and high volume global companies.

Andy Waterhouse is an exceptional Global Presales Leader with a passion for coaching and mentoring others. With a focus on empowering individuals and fostering their growth, Andy has successfully replicated his own success in the teams he has hired and managed across the globe. His coaching approach emphasises continuous learning, skill development, and personal empowerment.

Through his global focus, Andy brings valuable insights into diverse markets and customer needs. He can guide individuals in adapting to different cultures, tailoring solutions, and driving customer success on a global scale. With a deep understanding of the SaaS growth model, Andy can share strategies for scaling operations efficiently while maximising customer value.

Andy’s coaching extends beyond technical expertise. He places significant emphasis on building high-performing teams and hiring top talent. By sharing his approaches to talent acquisition, retention, and team development, Andy equips individuals with the skills to assemble and nurture winning teams. Through mentorship, he helps individuals develop leadership capabilities and fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Furthermore, as an advocate for integrated organisations, Andy can guide others in breaking down silos, optimising resources, and aligning teams towards shared goals. By imparting his knowledge on building cohesive and aligned organisations, Andy enables individuals to drive efficiency and achieve remarkable outcomes.

In summary, Andy Waterhouse’s coaching expertise as a Global Presales Leader allows individuals to tap into his experience and replicate his success. With a focus on personal empowerment, global insights, talent development, and building integrated organizations, Andy guides individuals on their journey to excel in their roles, drive customer success, and achieve exceptional results in the dynamic SaaS landscape.

I have a passion for helping people to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to helping drive value for their customers.

Andy Waterhouse
Publications that Andy has been featured in...

Andy as a Keynote Speaker

Andy has been a regular speaker at conferences across the globe including multiple Gartner conferences, RSA Conference, IT Expo, CyberTech Europe, Invincible Emirates, NATO NIAS, Ireland Secure Computing Forum and many others.

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