Should You Merge Presales and Customer Success?

How to Achieve True Customer Success: Merging Presales and Customer Success Teams

Increased Customer Retention and Reduced Costs Through Streamlined Go-to-Market Approach

In today’s competitive tech landscape, customer success is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. While many companies have traditionally relied on separate presales and customer success (CS) teams, this siloed approach can lead to inefficiencies and hinder long-term customer relationships. This article explores if you should merge the Presales and Customer Success teams to create a more cohesive and effective go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

The Current Landscape: Challenges in Customer Success

2023 saw significant shifts in the tech industry, with a focus on cost-effectiveness. However, while some companies have downsized their CS teams, this approach can have negative consequences. Customer success is not just a CS team responsibility, it requires a company-wide commitment.

Redefining Customer Success: A Collaborative Approach

Industry leader Frank Slootman emphasizes that customer success is “everyone’s job.” Effective communication and collaboration between sales, presales (often called solutions engineering), and customer support are crucial.

The Case for Merging Presales and CS Teams

Merging these teams offers several advantages:

  • Improved Customer Experience: Customers build relationships with a consistent team throughout the buying journey, reducing confusion and ensuring a smoother transition from presales to ongoing support.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Eliminate duplicate efforts on demos and technical discussions, streamlining communication and reducing costs.
  • Streamlined Training and Development: Develop a unified training program focused on customer success, product knowledge, and identifying expansion opportunities. (Why not try our courses ?) 
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Engagement: By simplifying the customer journey and prioritizing their needs, you can boost satisfaction and loyalty.
Addressing Challenges of a Merged Team
  • Role Clarity: Clearly define roles and responsibilities within the merged team to avoid confusion.
  • Performance Measurement: Establish new metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) to track the performance of the entire team.
  • Change Management: Effectively communicate and manage the change process to ensure a smooth transition.
Taking the Next Step

As can be seen, merging presales and CS teams can be a powerful strategy to achieve long-term customer success. Consider a pilot program in a specific region or market to test the approach and measure its effectiveness.

Above all, by implementing these strategies, companies can create a more customer-centric culture, reduce churn, and achieve sustainable growth.

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